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If you’re thinking about buying this book, it’s probably because it feels like something’s missing in your career. “The ultimate career guide to help you discover your path in the workforce.” —Daymond John, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Broke “Whether you want to advance in the career you are already in, change directions, or you haven't decided what profession you want to embark on, this is the book for you. In her inspiring and brilliant book, You Turn, Ashley Stahl shares all her tips, wisdom and strategies on how to move forward and create the successes you desire in your professional life.” —Agapi Stassinopolous, author of Wake Up to the Joy of You “Success begins with looking within yourself, figuring out what you want, and deciding how you want to achieve it. Ashley Stahl's You Turn is here to help.” —Alex Banayan, #1 international bestselling author

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