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Investing 101: From

A crash course in managing personal wealth and building a profitable portfolio—from stocks and bonds to IPOs and more!

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Ethics 101: From

Explore the mysteries of morality and the concept of right and wrong with this accessible, engaging guide featuring basic facts along with an overview of modern-day issues ranging from business ethics and bioethics to political and social ethics.

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Philosophy 101: From

Discover the world's greatest thinkers and their groundbreaking notions!

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Sales 101: From

Learn the ins and outs of sales techniques with this comprehensive and accessible guide that is the crash course in how to sell anything.

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Religion 101: From

Discover the origins and traditions of world religions!

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World History 101:

Uncover the mysteries of the past with this exciting, comprehensive guide on world history.

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Psych 101: Psychology

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Psych 101: Psychology

A hands-on approach to exploring the human mind

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