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Master Builders: Bridges

Cross these bridges when you come to them! Until you visit them in person, there’s no better way to experience the extraordinary architecture and construction of the world’s most prominent bridges, including New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, London’s Tower Bridge, and Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge than with this fascinating addition to […]

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Master Builders: Skyscrapers

When you can’t get away to your favorite city, bring your favorite city to you! With the Master Builder Series, you can build your own models of the world’s most famous skyscrapers that bedeck America’s city skylines from coast to coast. Construct for yourself New York’s Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, Chicago’s Sears Tower, […]

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Read to Me

This wonderful children’s treasury includes a wealth of classic stories, told in a friendly and engaging format ideal for beginning readers. Created especially for read-along time with Mommy, this beautiful treasury is the perfect start to a child’s library.

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Master Engineer: Robots

Robots are taking over the world! Meet some of the most amazing machines man has ever created, from battlefield ‘bots to amazing androids, in Master Engineer: Robots. Before robots existed, people imagined them. In fact, more than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a mechanical knight. Since then, engineers have come a long way, […]

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Master Engineer: Rockets

“T-minus ten . . . nine . . . eight . . .” the countdown begins. Anticipation swells. The crowd holds their breath. The engines roar to life, and the massive rocket slowly rises from the vapor on the launch pad, defying gravity as it disappears into the sky. Fortunately, you don’t have to be […]

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Human Planet: Nature’s

An extraordinary companion guide to the next epic natural history documentary series from BBC and Discovery Channel—this time taking the Planet Earth approach to studying humans   In the first natural history documentary series to turn the camera on the human species, Human Planet explains how we have learned to live on every habitat, from our origins in the jungle and our domination of grasslands to the desert, ocean, and rivers; from the challenges of the Arctic mountains to the creation of our own urban environment. But this is also a story about how we have learned to adapt to the most inhospitable landscapes and work in partnership with other animal species. Exploring such diverse experiences as the Bajau sea gypsies, the Korowai tribe of West Papau who live in treehouses, the honey birds in Kenya that lead the Masai people to honey, the men who fish with dolphins in Brazil, and the Papuan tribesmen who mimic the courtship dances of the birds of

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