Amin Saikal and Kirill Nourzhanov


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The Spectre of

“A clearly written, masterfully documented and analyzed book on one of the most menacingly securitized conflicts of our times, it unpacks the long-neglected perceptions and reactions of post-Soviet Central Asian Muslim republics, fearing “spill over” from their soft underbelly, Afghanistan. Nourzhanov, an area specialist focused on Soviet and Post-Soviet Central Asia, and Saikal, a seasoned political scientist focused on Iran, Arab Gulf states and beyond, have teamed-up to produce a work of inestimable value for anyone interested in understanding the domestic, regional and global dimensions of the deepening political turmoil in Afghanistan, and the US policy failures to end its longest war in history. A must read for policy makers, area specialists and the befuddled public.” ―M. Nazif Mohib Shahrani, Indiana University, USA “ The Spectre of Afghanistan is the most trenchant contribution to the literature on security studies in Central Asia to date. Nourzhanov and Saikal are seasoned observers

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