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The West’s War

The West’s war against ISIS has largely evaded rigorous scholarly analysis - until now. In this succinct and incisive study, Mumford masterfully surveys the major dimensions of the anti-ISIS fight. In comprehensively charting key developments - from the perspective of decision-makers in the White House to the assemblage of cyber warriors, special forces and surrogates on the front lines - the book exposes a campaign pervaded by contradictions and incoherencies.” ― Thomas Waldman, Macquarie University, author of Vicarious Warfare Andrew Mumford's The West's War Against Islamic State offers a compelling overview of the fight against ISIS. This book traces the evolution of the Islamic State and delivers a blow-by-blow account of the campaign to defeat it, including an in-depth analysis that is indispensable for academics, policymakers, and government officials seeking to understand how the West waged war against this terrorist juggernaut. ― Colin P. Clarke, Carnegie Mellon University, author of

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