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Magpie: The most

‘A dark, sleek, ever-tightening spiral …Completely, terrifyingly BRILLIANT’ MARIAN KEYES, AUTHOR OF GROWN UPS ‘Elizabeth Day has written that rare book I always go hunting for, something that will keep me breathless with suspense but also buoyant with good energy. It is both sinister and comforting, outrageous but grounded, with a head-spinning plot twist…Magpie is a book that needed to exist in the world. It is the book that was missing’ LISA TADDEO, AUTHOR OF THREE WOMEN AND ANIMAL ‘Magpie is a clever, suspenseful read with a brilliant central pivot and a keen eye for relationships, including the toxic ones. A compelling, twisting read’ MATT HAIG, author of The Midnight Library and The Comfort Book ‘Superbly taut and well-written, noirish with a big and beating heart’ JESSIE BURTON, AUTHOR OF THE MINIATURIST AND THE CONFESSION ‘An absorbing exploration of infertility and mental illness combined with the pace and plot of

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